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New Zealand Has Solid Evidence of Mossad death Squads killing Austalian tourists

by Bev Taylor Friday July 23, 2004 at 04:15 PM

New Zealand Has Solid Evidence of Mossad death Squads operating in S.E Asia that have Killed Australians

New Zealand Has Soli...
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I am an Australian that worked for a major NGO in Cambodia my exposure to the mossad murder squads operating in the S.E. Asia came about thru the acquaintance of a fellow Australian.

I met Brian at the boarder town of KIoh Kong. Brian was young man from Sydney that had just finished school with an English Major and had come to Australia to teach English for a year we talked in length about how he had lost his entire family in an accident his desire to help the impoverished Cambodian people.

Brian was leaving for Srey Ambel the next day on a small boat to teach at a small local school that he had arranged thru a Cambodian friend he had been corresponding with for a few years.

A few weeks latter I was in the Srey Ambel area and went by to visit Brian. He had never arrived, and was not replying to e-mail from me or his friend at the school he was to teach at, his friend at the school said maybe he had decided to travel around for a few weeks, but no one knew.

Two weeks later while I was in Phnom Penh, I was at a restaurant on the riverfront, I met a man there that introduced himself as Brian, using Brian�s name and background story but it was a deferent man. I tried to get as much information out of him without letting him know I had known the real Brian after our conversation I went strait to the Australian consulate they told me they would look into the report.

The next day I was talking to a Diane, NZ women that I had known for some time that worked for a different NGO. Diane was very alarmed when I told her of what had happened and said I was in great danger and told me to meet her later that day in the Toul Tom Pong Market.
There I was met by Diane and a man I will refer to as Tom that Identified himself as a NZ security Official.

�These mossad run gangs like to throw there victims off of tour boats they do a lot of operations off the southern coast of Thailand and Cambodia� Tom said, as he showed me documentation of 8 people whose bodies where found that �disappeared� like Brian, 5 where Australian.

Tom also showed me some photos of 5 more mossad agents suspected of involvement in the disappearances.

One I identified as the man I met that was using Brian�s Identity, it was a photo of Zev Barkan.

�This is a real bad guy, vicious. He�s killed a few of the victims himself witnesses have said he likes to personally throw them over board while the boats are moving and then turns around and run the victim over, chopping the victim up with the prop� Tom said
As he showed me photos and documents that connected Barkan and 4 other mossad agents to terrorist training camps in southern Thailand
And documents linking them to armed terrorist actions in southern Thailand along with documents that linked telecommunications and money wire transfers originating in Israel.

Tom informed me that NZ security Operations have evidence that some Australian Officials are involved in a cover-up of these mossad operations for political reasons that reach up to the highest levels of the Australian Government.

�This guy is an Australian official we linked to Barkan, we have evidence he was involved in the terrorist training camps but not the murders Barkan is in hot water with him because of the murders but he is involved in the cover up of the murders and that why you are in so much danger, now they are committed into covering the murders up� Tom said, as he showed me pictures of Barkan meeting the man at the Australian consulate I had made the missing person report to.

Tom informed me I was in grave danger because of my visit to the Australian consulate, and if I did not Leave Cambodia immediately I would be dead before the end of the week.
Tom arranged for me to fly out of Cambodia to NZ on a small NZ government plane that night.

And now I find myself in NZ living in a safe house not knowing when it will be ok to return to my life. I am writing this in a hope it might save someone from the fate that Brian suffered.

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